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Atum kitchen

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About me:

I am Amal Shabaan, a woman that is interested in cooking and everything related to food and cooking specially our old traditional Egyptian food and recipes. I was always thinking about a project that I would enjoy cooking in it, specially that traditionally ones.  In the occasions and anniversaries and birthdays, I used to gather all my family members and make them their favorite dishes, as I feel happiness when I cook them what they really like.

About the idea of the project:

I started to think about the project and worked on myself and studied all about what in need to start logo, aprons, tools and the most important thing is the recipes that I should prepare to teach them and I thought that it would be an enjoyable project nowadays all I think about is to be the most successful cooking class “Atum Kitchen”.

About Atum:

Atum… Have you ever thought what does this word mean?

Atum was known as the God of Creator. It was the first God to exist on the earthfrom waters of Chaos and It created all the Gods and the universe. Atum also spelled as Tem, Temu, Tum, and Atem whose name means “Complete” or “Perfection”. I was fascinated with the name and I thought that it is mostly related to our old culture and traditionsso I decided to use it in my project “Atum Kitchen”.

In my point of view, I see that the name Atum Kitchen and it will be repeated by a lot of people making a great success


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